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Upcoming concerts.

GVJCI Matsuri

Saturday, June 24th, 2023


SBS will be joining forces with LA Men's Glee Club to present two out of the five pieces from "Mizu no Inochi" by Takada Saburo

Join us!

Fall Concert

October 8th, 2023

We will be presenting Vivaldi's Gloria accompanied by a String ensemble

More Info Coming Soon

about us.

South Bay Singers (SBS) is a group of Japanese singers that come from various walks of life.  This community of singers care deeply about the Japanese community and are passionate about edifying the community through music.  We strive to expand and heighten the artistic sensibilities of the Japanese music community through studying and performing classical repertoire, training and learning with the assistance of the expertise of professional musicians and pedagogues, and applying those skills to showcase a variety of repertoire in the highest caliber, so it can reach the largest audience possible.  Please come join us in our pursuit of musical excellence!


about us.

South Bay Singers (SBS) is a collective of diverse Japanese individuals from various backgrounds. Rooted in an unwavering devotion to the Japanese community, we endeavor to elevate and enrich our community through the transformative power of music. With a profound commitment to cultivating the refined artistic essence of Japanese music, we diligently delve into the realms of classical repertoire, guided by the tutelage of esteemed musicians and pedagogues. We strive to present a myriad of musical treasures, meticulously chosen to captivate the hearts of a wide-ranging audience. We cordially invite you to partake in our quest for musical magnificence, where excellence is not merely sought after, but ardently pursued.

SBS juniors.

SBS Juniors, sponsored by SouthBay Singers, is a place where children gather together to express and explore themselves through learning and performing music.  By gaining confidence through sharing their musical gifts with their community, students will nurture their self-esteem and will learn the beauty and joy of connecting with and serving others .

この児童合唱団は子供達が 音楽教育と演奏活動を通して個人の表現と個人探求への機会が存 分に与えられる場所です。子供達が自尊心を自分の力で育てて行く術を見つけ、公共の場で自 分の認める能力を分かち合い、最善の自分として他人と周りの環境に貢献し繋がりを保つ生き 方を学べる場所です。 

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More info to come...

SBS Jrs.


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